Welcome to My World Wide Web

This site is for anyone who wants to embrace their own journey, live life to the fullest on their terms, discover their unique creative talents and create a life they love that is barely recognizable.

Life is filled with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and when we choose to walk in our TRUTH and with PASSION, we open ourselves to the wonderful, magical gifts this abundant UNIVERSE has to offer.

I invite you to join me and millions of others to let your light shine and illuminate your greatness.


The spider’s web is a tapestry woven out of instinct to create and protect. “Spiders have the innate ability to spin exquisite magical silk – more elastic than nylon, stronger than steel – using it to fly through the air and journey thousands of miles to remote and uninhabited islands through dark skies and brooding storms”, Animal Wisdom by Susie Green. …and this, she does alone…

Four years ago I embraced an opportunity and embarked on my own journey alone. I traveled from a known and comfortable safe haven in Florida to the unknown territory of the Pacific Northwest; I only new my destination to be Washington State and to the city of Vancouver.

Today I live in a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and the atmosphere of crystal clean air. There is a magic in this place and I am beginning to weave my own tapestry. “Spiders see their world through touch, not light, translating vibrations in air, earth, and web into knowledge”, Animal Wisdom by Susie Green. It is in our believing what we cannot see that our world takes shape. Our dreams and desires lie deep within our bellies as seeds in a packet waiting to be planted, nourished, and cultivated.

As the sun shines through my window and the morning dew glistens in its light and then melts away in its warmth, I too feel the glow of my own light as it sparkles on my desires and I feel the seeds in my belly begin to warm and melt as they sprout with new life and begin their journey of weaving my magical tapestry of dreams.